Promote Your Restaurant for the Foodie’s Choice Awards

Celebrating the Best Independent Restaurants

What Are The Foodie’s Choice Awards?

At Joyous, our mission is to help local, independent restaurants thrive.

That’s why we created the Foodie’s Choice Awards.

Last year we ran the awards in the Beaverton/Hillsboro area and they were a hit! This year we’re expanding the awards throughout Portland and Vancouver as well.

Promote Your Restaurant

    These awards are a chance for local, independent restaurants to promote themselves—all for free.

    These awards enable your customers to show their love for your great food at your amazing restaurant.

    Is It Really Free?

    Yes. This is a truly free way to promote your restaurant. It’s part of our way of giving back to the community we serve—even if you aren’t on our platform.

    How Do The Awards Help My Restaurant?

    Several ways:

    • We publish sites and pages trumpeting your nomination for the awards across the web. These sites and pages will link to your own website—which means a higher SEO ranking on Google and Bing for your site. That equates to more site visitors and more opportunities for new folks to learn about your delicious restaurant in a positive context (as a Foodie’s Choice Nominee!)!
    • We provide you with a free, premium-quality vinyl sticker that you can post at your entrance announcing your status as a Foodie’s Choice Nominee. This is provided to you absolutely free of charge and appears as a part of how we give back to the community we serve.
    • The awards are an opportunity to “activate” your promoters. People love your restaurant and they love talking up the things they love, but an opportunity to do so doesn’t always come up. Giving your restaurant’s fans an opportunity to express they love for you publicly is a kind of “investment” in your success that they can make—and if your fans feel invested in your success they’re even more likely to tell their friends about you.
    • Winners (First, Second and Third places) of the awards receive a high-quality plaque that they can display in their restaurant!
    A loyal Biryani Corner customer presents the team at Biryani Corner in Hillsboro with their 2021 Foodie’s Choice Award Plaque!

    How Do I Participate?

      It couldn’t be easier.

      Just fill out the form, and a Joyous Rep will drop off business cards that you can include with your takeout and delivery orders encouraging people to nominate and vote for your restaurant.