Celebrating the Best Independent Restaurants


The Foodie’s Choice Awards
is all about
celebrating the best local, independent restaurants

The Foodie’s Choice Awards were created by Joyous to give local, independent restaurants another way to promote themselves without lifting a finger.

Our Philosophy

We empower diners to express their love of their favorite local, independent restaurants through a people’s choice style awards process that includes a nomination phase and a voting phase.

Begun in 2021, we launched a pilot program of the awards in the Beaverton/Hillsboro region and in 2022 we will roll out to more regions in the Portland Metro Area.

Why Participate?

There is no cost to restaurants to participate.

Nominators and voters can also participate for free.

We created the awards to give diners a way to celebrate their favorite local, independent restaurants that wouldn’t cost those restaurants any money or create any work for them.

It’s another way for local, independent restaurants to level the playing field with their competitors in corporate restaurants and franchises.

Our 2021 Winners

Our 2021 Winners will be listed here as soon as the voting process is over in March, 2022.

2021 Foodie’s Choice Award Winners

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